We at PURPLE BLOCKS provide Interior Designing and consultancy services and turnkey installations for various type of projects including Corporate and Housing sectors.

As a company we take pride in ourselves in providing only high quality products in terms of both Design and Technology to meet all individual project specificationS and requirements and we are committed to delivering unrivalled standards in Design, Innovation, Quality & Service that will consistently meet our customer’s expectations and requirements in all aspects. Most importantly, we take care of prices to meet their desired Project Budget .

Purple Blocks is equipped with Architects & Interior designers and over 500 skilled technicians. Material management , People management, Time management and Space management are the key components of turnkey projects and our team handles them with ease.

LUXURY SKIN CLINIC : Asian Roots , Elgin Road

Eden Imperial Master Bedroom, Ballygunge.

Eden imperial terrace canopy plus open, Ballygunge

Lilesh Soni Residence (proposed 3D)

Ballygunge Place,Mr.Rahaman’s Residency.

Ravi Bhalotiya Office Cabin (Left)

Ravi Bhalotiya Office Cabin (Right)

Sun Towers Master Bedroom

Sun Towers Parent's Bedroom

Sun Towers Guest Bedroom

Gulam Khan’s Residence

Eden imperial Guest restroom, Ballygunge